These tutorials are meant to explain how to use vectors with Flash and actionscript. You dont have to know high level mathematics to understand the ideas, but some previous knowledge is always good. Please notice that only 2D vectors are discussed and if you are looking for 3D vectors then i am afraid you need to look from somewhere else.

Not every game of course has need for vectors, in text-based adventure game the vector calculations would be totally useless. But in most games with movement the vectors can be huge help: games like golf, pinball, breakout, games about driving or shooting, they all benefit from better physics which can be achieved with vectors.

These tutorials expect you to know something about actionscript and Macromedia Flash. They might be too hard to understand, if you never before made any games with Flash. And as my English is not very good, there are probably lots of mistakes and some parts might not be well explained. Im sorry, I do my best. If you find bugs or mistakes, let me know.

I have used Flash5 to create the code and source files. Mainly because I am used to Flash5 and I work fast with it. The code and source files work well in FlashMX (ver6) too, you shouldnt have problems with them. The FlashMX2004 (ver7) with new AS2 is not compatible with older actionscript, so the code might fail. It might work too, but generally, if you really want to use AS2, you should write new code yourself. The basics, of course, you can still use, so it might be worth look through the tutorials anyway. Newer examples are made with Flash8, but still use actionscript 1.

Examples and code and source files presented here are free to use under CC license.

I hope you find something useful here :)

Tony 2005